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This website contains of descriptions concerning two unique fishings in Japan. One is description for fishing of Japanese bitterling which is called "TANAGO" in Japan. And the other description is fishing of Japanese small mountain trouts called "AMAGO" and/or "IWANA" in Japan. The "TANAGO" fishing is a kind of bait fishing played with special and unique micro tackles. "AMAGO" and "IWANA" are the Japanese land-locked trouts, with which we can play fishing by Japanese traditional fly fishing system called "TENKARA".

At the moment, English version of this website is under construction. So, you can read contents of this website translated by SYSTRAN using Babel-Fish-translation service at ALTAVISTA and/or Free Website Translator at WORLD-LINGO. But, because of the cases that the grammar of original language reaches by mistake and/or original character code for expressing is special, it is not translated completely.

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