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A rod in 2 feet !

rod in 2 ft

Fishing rods for "TANAGO" are in length of 2 feet to 10 feet. Selection of rod is made by conditions that depend on a distance between fishing point and angler's standing/sitting position. Actions of rods are "Hard type" and "Soft type", selected by the size of target fish: TANAGO, and method of fishing, as well as favor of angler. I am often using a rod in the length of 4or 6-feet, but sometimes I use 2-feet rod in the case of fishing at bank near/under the step. There are two styles in fishing methods of TANAGO-fishing, one is similar to outrigger method which do not use float and tight line, the other is floating method which is make line loose with a float.

Line like hair !

fishing line #0.3

I am using fishing line made of Nylon-monofilament in the diameter of 0.074mm (#0.2), 0.090mm (#0.3) and 0.104mm (#0.4), colored in black. The numbers with a pre-mark "#" are standard of fishing lines in Japan, and this number i.e. #0.2, #0.3, #0.4 etc. means ratio of cross section area which is the base of phisical strength. Folowing chart shows compalision of "pound test", "diameter" and "Japanese standard" in fishing lines:

Compalision chart of standards of fishing lines
Japanese standard Diameter of line approx. Pound test
#2.5 0.260 mm 10 lb
#2.0 0.235 mm 8 lb
#1.5 0.205 mm 6 lb
#1.0 0.160 mm 4 lb
#0.8 0.148 mm 3.2 lb
#0.6 0.128 mm 2.4 lb
#0.4 0.104 mm 1.6 lb
#0.3 0.090 mm 1.2 lb
#0.2 0.074 mm 0.8 lb
#0.15 0.064 mm 0.6 lb
#0.10 0.053 mm 0.4 lb
#0.08 0.049 mm 0.32 lb
#0.06 0.040 mm 0.24 lb
#0.04 0.033 mm 0.16 lb

Float smaller than peanut !

small float

This photograph does show something which compares the size of the float that is used with TANAGO fishing and the size of the peanut. This is the float which I use with TANAGO fishing, is the float of size:1cm about of the center which I often use in several. As mentioned in upper column, there are two styles in fishing methods of TANAGO-fishing: the method with float and the method without float. Regarding the floating method, it is important to sink with the movement where the whole line-to-hook system including float is slow extremely. In addition, in order for the line not to loosen largely, also it is important to adjust the holding angle of the rod flexibly at case by case.

Indicator smaller than sesame !


This is the photograph of markers which is used with the TANAGO fishing, and a sesame. The size of a marker is smaller than 1mm at diameter. Function of the markers is in order to make the movement of the fishing line in the water easy to see. Then, these markers work as the indicators against atack of TANAGO.

Tippet in 0.3lb test !

tippet #0.08

I am useing Nylon monofilament line #0.08 to #0.3 for the tippet which is the material between the hook and the line. This photo-image is a spool of tippet made by "TORAY" indicating standard: #0.08 and diameter: 0.049mm. Other material of tippet is braided silk line in ##90, ##100 or ##120, which is very soft and extremely pliant to match the necessary specification of tippet in order to fish small TANAGO securely.

Example of "line + tippet combination" in TANAGO fishing:

line,#0.4 + tippet, under#0.3
line,#0.3 + tippet, under#0.2
line,#0.2 + tippet, under#0.175(sometimes #0.08)

Hook in size 1/4inches !


This photo image show the size of TANAGO hook in smallism. Please compare the size of hook with the size of sesame placed in right position. You can see the matter, not only whole size of the hook:6mm is small, but also size of the hooking part is very short: in size 1mm to 2mm. This part, hooking shank?/point? is treated to short and sharp in order to effect good hooking against small TANAGO shorter than 1 inch, by anglers themselves.
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