Fishing information from Japan.


The In-Compleat Angler or The In-Contemplative Man's Recreation


Kinds of TANAGO in Japan:
Yari-Tanago Abura-Bote  Miyako-Tanago  Tairiku-Bara-Tanago  Nippon-Bara-Tanago  Kazetoge-Tanago  Suigen-Zeni-Tanago  Zeni-Tanago  Kanehira  Ita-senpara  Ichimonji-Tanago  Tanago  Shirohire-Tabira  Seboshi-Tabira  Akahire-tabira  Kitano-Akahire-tabira  Minami-Akahire-tabira  Oo-Tanago 

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"Tanago" Acheilognathus melanogaster


Tanago-m in Tochigi pref.


Male (photograph on March 29 in a raising tank)

Tanago-m in in a raising tank
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